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Welcome to Carpets of the Inner Circle

At Carpets of the Inner Circle our focus is on the rug as art, as textile nourishment for the soul. These guidelines inspire our purchases and the tribal, village and urban workshop pieces we present are clearly perceived to be much more than utilitarian floor or wall coverings. The best are sacred objects, windows and doorways into other worlds. They provide glimpses of a people, a lifestyle and a culture that is rapidly disappearing from planet Earth.

Urban Rugs & Carpets

Pieces woven in urban circumstances have a very specific criteria. They are always made from drawings or cartoons. With their high knot counts, crisp curvilinear designs are executed with exacting precision. Examples are often, if not always, named after the city in which they they are woven, Kashan, Tabriz, Isfahan, Kerman and Tehran are among the most famous.


Village Rugs & Carpets

With their bold color combinations and designs, village weavings are amongst the most desirable collectable pieces in Western markets. Examples with names like, Heriz, Bakhshaish, Karadja, Bakhtiari and Serab are sought after by both interior designers and polished connoisseurs. Regarded for their freedom of expression, the earliest examples will have more open, uncluttered portions in their design.


Collectable Rugs & Bags

Tribal or nomadic weavings are pieces that were typically woven as part of a woman’s dowry and only made their way to Western markets by happenstance. The best examples are pure art. The most primitive yet intuitive use of colors and designs and always the best wool and dyes in the earliest examples.

Contemporary Rugs and Carpets

Pieces that fall in to this category will be either Persian or Turkish examples. The Persian pieces are mostly whats left from our ‘Chicken’s Milk’ production, made during the time the embargo was first lifted, 2000 – 2008.  The Turkish pieces are recreations of Oushaks or Caucasian rugs.

From the Beginning

Carpets of the Inner Circle has specialized in the rug as art. Dealing only in the finest architecturally interesting, investment grade and heirloom quality pieces we can find. Established in 1978 by my late father, Roger Cavanna, whose love affair with the Oriental rug started in Persia in the late 1960’s while in the Peace Corps as a practicing architect. Our first gallery was launched in Mt. Carmel, Connecticut. In 1982 we moved to Jackson Square in San Francisco’s financial district where we would be for the next 33 years. Just recently relocating to San Anselmo where we can comfortably accommodate our local, international and celebrity clientele from a destination known for it’s antiquing, charming shops, fine restaurants and plenty of parking.