Contemporary Carpets

Only the best, highest quality new and contemporary weavings will be featured here. Strict criteria, such as all hand spun wool, all natural dyes and extremely low production numbers are qualities that will be present in any of the offerings.

JR0118 Bidjar Small Carpet 8-0" x 10-3"

Contemporary Bidjar Small Carpet

JR0118: Bidjar carpet. This piece is not from our production but the circa and criteria is very similar.

Hand woven by women in homes in northwestern Iran using the finest, local hand spun wool from sheep raised on the slopes of the Zagros Mountains. Only the best natural dyes and from the production of the finest Persian carpets in the world.

This carpet is from an exclusive production from the area of Bidjar  The limited production is intended as a revival of antique Persian rugs. To keep the spirit of authenticity and originality, the same techniques that were used to make rugs centuries ago are copied. The looms are set in small homes in Bidjar and only experienced weavers who are talented in their art are hired. The weavers have been given freedom to create what they had inherited from their ancestors, making this group of carpets different than any other new rug production made today. No chemicals of any kind are used to wash or age the rugs in the finishing process. The finest hand spun wool and all natural dyes are used to assure that these durable carpets maintain their beauty and value throughout the aging process for decades to come. 8-0″ x 10-3″ $15,800


Contemporary Carpets
Strap Work Design, Split Arabesque Design, Indigo Ground, Hand-made, Fine Weave, carpet, Bidjar
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