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JD0214 Motashaem Kashan rug 4-5" x 7-0"

Antique Persian Motashem Kashan Rug

JD0214 Motashem Kashan Rug.

An extraordinary 19th century Persian, Mohtashem Kashan rug . Crisp and clear colors in full even pile condition. Considered to be the rarest type of  Kashan by most. Pieces will typically utilize non-traditional designs and color palette combinations, that make them iconic and highly recognizable. This elite class of Kashan uses a very luminous quality of lamb’s wool cut from the underbelly, which gives the surface a highly reflective quality as the rich lanolin has risen to the surface of each fiber of wool. Quite hard-to-find, true Motashem Kashan rugs are extraordinarily finely knotted. With a minimum standard in the low 300’s KPSI or (knots per square inch), this piece weighs in at 417 KPSI in places, making it off the charts fine. The design employs a graceful teardrop medallion, an ivory ground field and subtle, light blue ground spandrells . Their preferred color palette is subtle pastel and earth tones, contrasted by a penetrating midnight indigo blue ground main border. Also, early Motashem Kashan rugs often demonstrate a very sensitive and emotive use of color shading, an appearance known as abrash. In Mohtasham Kashn carpets dating from 1880 or earlier, the abrash is usually subtle and continual, with artful colors shifts within a single design and from one end of the rug to the other. This gives the rug a painterly quality and a visual depth that is akin to that of a watercolor painting. Motasham Kashan weavings of great age with minor, extremely well-executed restoration and pile intact are extremely rare and typically held in private collections.
Circa 1875/ 4-5″ x 7-0″/ $18,000


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rug, Motashem, Medallion Design, Ivory Ground, Hand-made, Fine Weave, Abrash
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