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HG0922 Bidjar Poshti 1-9" x 2-0"

Antique Persian Bidjar Poshti

HG0922 Bidjar Poshti. There is something so exciting about this piece and it has been some time since we have had a comparable example. Part of the attraction is how exaggeratedly large and organic the main border is. Which is in stark contrast to the small, refined ‘Herati’ design of the field and creates a dramatic, memorable, expression. Very good condition with the original edges and end finishes, minor lower area in the field. Fine weave, 15Vx 15H= 225 kpsi (knots per square inch); l1-9″ x 2-0″. Circa 1880. $1,500


Village Rugs & Carpets
poshti, Indigo Ground, Herati Design, Hand-made, Fine Weave, Bidjar

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