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BZ1108 Tehran Rug 4-4" x 6-8"

Antique Persian Rug

BZ1108 Tehran rug central Persia.

Age: 1900

Tehran rugs and carpets as a group are rare, not known for prolific production, most dealers and collectors can agree on some of the defining characteristics. For example, pieces being more artistically stimulating than some of their neighbors, a very certain orange and gold color and the look of the weave. This particular design variation is not common, as well as it being an all over lay out versus a medallion, it would more commonly occur on an ivory back ground, not this lovely gold. A wonderful heirloom quality rug. This piece is in very good condition with the original edges, mostly uniform pile throughout with just minor lower areas. Glowing natural colors and a fine weave, like a stained glass window done in wool. Made in an urban setting, Central Persia around 1900-1910.                   4-4″ x 6-8″/ $11,200



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