Antique Tribal Trappings

Most of what will be on view here are examples of tribal art at their best. Dowry related objects that were never meant to be sold that somehow find their way in  to Western markets and collections.

DX0928 Shasavan Scissors Bag 3.5" x 19"

Antique Caucasian Scissors or Spoon Bag

DX0928 Shasavan . Rare does not accurately describe this piece, only a handful are know from auction results. As with all trappings, this was woven as part of a woman’s dowry and surely would worn out based on use. So much work and intricate detail in such a small package.  Treasured by collectors for obvious reasons but mostly the non commercial aspect of not being made to be sold. 3.5″ x 19″. Circa 1850. $3,500LOGO_FOR TEXT


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